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Carnival of light | Free Download

The carnival of light is an instrumental originally wrote by WildCohen, and originally intended for their #BloochyKoo album, it was decided that it wouldn’t be on the final album, along with 16 other tracks that we’re left out, maybe those will be re-visited in the future, when there is more time to finalize them, you can hear to carnival of light above with our Soundcloud plugin, there are also more tracks available to listen to on WildCohen’s Soundcloud page,

please CLICK HERE to visit and connect with WildCohen over on their Soundcloud page.

WildCohen – #BloochyKoo –  is now available On iTunes,
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There is definitely a signature sound to WildCohen, one that’s defined by spacious, ethereal layers and light but rhythmic beats, which is entirely appropriate for the subject matter.”

“A lot of lyrics are about peace and enlightenment and love and coming together,” says Cohen. “It’s about Life, Love, Death and everything else cosmic.” #BloochyKoo – a concept album about, the spiritual mother of all universes.